In these trying times of hardship, struggle, and human evolution
Take some time to go within and learn to Be The Solution

The answer to this virus will not come from our government or from owning more guns

It starts with beliefs, and recognizing we are all connected and one

Do unto others and be grateful for what life brings
Take time to enjoy nature and all of its wondrous things

Be Loving and Honest, Kind and Forgiving
And know that there is much more to life than just this, each of our souls keep on living

Understand that as your life continues to unfold, it becomes what you make it
Do not worry about your past or what's coming, concentrate on the present

Each of you has a future that is bright, abundant, simple, and care-free
All of you have many important things yet to do, that’s a promise from me

Take care of your health and well-being, in mind, body and soul
Set aside time for those things that you love and that which make you whole

From this day forward, Love should go out to All, unconditional and free

And continue to set an example, Be The Solution – be all you can be

Rise up as a whole, and start making some changes
Share your stories of positivity and inspiration, as you make your exchanges

I ask that you Pay It Forward, and do something kind
And the solution to all this, is what you might find!